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Howdy ya'll!! GIRLFRIEND APPLICATION: Name: Amanda, but I've gone… - mass girl looking for a lover

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November 18th, 2007

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09:14 pm
Howdy ya'll!!


Name: Amanda, but I've gone by Sky (long story, hah!) and Manda before. Call me Mandy if you'd like to get glared at :D Haha.
Age: Seventeen, but people tend to think I'm way older on the internet for some reason.
Location: Blackstone, Massachusetts (Rhode Island border!)
Self labled as: Lesbian. And a big bad lesbian at that. :D
Years been out: Three as a lesbian, and I was out as bi for a little while. The second I realized I was not straight I was out, though. I kind of wear stuff on my sleeve.
School: Senior in high school, hopefully heading off to Framingham State College for a major in English and a minor in Secondary Ed.
Single?: Very. Sigh.
What I am looking for: Intelligent, sweet, MATURE, sense of humor a mile wide, not afraid of physical affection.
What I am not looking for: girls unsure of their sexuality (sorry, ladies, but I really want something serious and I'm not looking to be a guinea pig...), immaturity, racists, dishonesty, flightiness...I'm pretty easy to please. Have a brain and we're gonna be buddies.
Music I listen too: COUNTRY. and LOTS of country. A little bit of random other stuff, but mostly country. My favorite is Sugarland/Jennifer Nettles, who is...guh, sorry, I just went to my first concert and saw them live and I about died. Pretty much.
Anything else?: Don't write me off because of my age ^.~ Most of my girls have been at least four years older. I'm generally pretty serious, but I can be funny and silly and dance with the best of 'em. I like to write, and I write a lot. I am a horse person, so please be okay with being second best to my four legged beast (that I do not have yet, so you're safe until I get my first one :D). I also have a young Aussie Shepherd puppy. Don't hate dogs, or we won't work. Actually, don't hate anything fuzzy and four legged. I'm an animal person ^.~! I sing, a lot, and I am very bad at it, but I ain't gonna stop! I LOVE to sing, even if it makes people want to cry (haha!). I hate surprises when I know I'm about to be surprised, but random little cute things will make me love you forever. Be maternal and warm and I won't be able to get enough of you. I get celebrity crushes, but they mean nothing.

I just rambled forever. Haha. I fail.

AIM: happyrainbowsx :D

I have pictures, but I'm not really willing to fight with my MySpace (my computer seems to hate MySpace today) to retrieve them. Pop me an IM and I can probably get them to you ^.~

Amanda :D
Current Music: Sugarland -- Mean Girls

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