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GIRLFRIEND APPLICATION: Name: Brittany  Age: 18, almost 19.… - mass girl looking for a lover

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January 15th, 2008

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07:41 am

Age: 18, almost 19.
Location: Scituate, MA
Self labled as:  Pansexual.
Years been out:
School:  Quincy College
Single?: Very, unfortunately. :(
What I am looking for: Someone mature and kind, who has stability as a person. Ages 18-22. Someone who strives to make themselves a better person. A lady who cares about other people, but doesn't care about what they think of her.  Makes some effort (though it doesn't have to be much of one, and too much effort is a turnoff) to look better. Someone who doesn't mind short people, because I'm 5'4". Someone who can make me laugh, and who cares about everyone around them. Someone who would wipe my tears away, but not tell me to stop crying.
What I am not looking for:  No high schoolers, please. I may be a freshman in college,  but I am at a place in my life where I can't always be the leader, and high schoolers tend to require something of the sort. No full-on butches or femmes... soft butch makes me happy, because I'm a very VERY soft butch myself..
Music I listen too: Almost everything, but my favorite music is metal, usually symphonic metal.
Anything else?: Add me on AIM! My SN is illumaXOangel .
... What the Hell., if you have MySpace, add me there too! http://www.myspace.com/nathalsa


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